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Cayman Kai Vacations is

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  • Cayman Kai Vacation Rentals

    Specializing in offering
    Villa's & Condominiums
    Vacation Rentals in the Cayman Kai/Rum Point
    and North Side area, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

  • Grand Cayman's Best Kept Secret!

    Kaibo Sunset - B17
    at the
    Kaibo Condos Phase II

    An investment that will give you many types of "Returns"!

    Over the years you will not only truly enjoyed the time you spend at your Vacation Rental Property, but what it will give you in return, while still being able to play host to many guests and visitors from all over the world.

    Not only will it supply you with good memories and enjoyable times, it will give you a very good return on your investment. The on-going rental income, not only will pay for the up keep of your Vacation Rental Property, but will pay for your time on the Island. You couldn't ask for more!

    We are positive you will come to appreciate the tranquil captivating beauty, most assuredly the safety and refreshing lifestyle and return on your investment that is exclusive to owning a Vacation Rental Property at Cayman Kai, Rum Point, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, B. W. I.

    An Investment in a Caribbean Island House at Cayman Kai, Grand Cayman
    can offer you many things:

    income Excellent Return on Investment

    income Affordable Vacations investment Great Rental Occupancy & Income income Retirement

    They Can All Be Yours!!!

    In concerning the purchase of "Vacation Rental Property",
     please take into consideration what you would receive in return for your investment:

    - An excellent overall return on your investment.- Since Grand Cayman is one of the most popular vacation spots in the Caribbean, the future holds very good appreciation value in the upcoming years.

    - The Best Location on Grand Cayman - Located in the exclusive area of Cayman Kai is this Community by the Sea. Cayman Kai covers 400 acres, and has more than six miles of beach with very few footprints. It is low density, mostly private homes on half acre sites. Located on the quiet North Side of the island, a 45-minute drive from the busy city of Georgetown, it has the famous Rum Point Beach only a few steps from your front door, a fresh water pool only a few steps from your back door, a inlet lagoon that exits into the Caribbean Sea, many activities for adults and children, many very good restaurants in the area, a complete water facility "Red Sail Sport" at Rum Point Beach which offers any water sport you could want, a convenience store within a short distance and some of the World's finest neighbors.
    -Completely Furnished- A fully furnished Vacation Rental Property that offers you all of its comforts and extra amenities. Everything you or your renters would need.
    - Great "Rental Occupancy & Income"-  One of the major advantages in purchasing a Vacation Rental Property is that at the closing, all pre booked income after that date will be transfer to the purchaser on all pre-booked reservations. That give you income right at the start of your investment.
    - A Web Site to Generate Rentals- You can advertise with CaymanKai acationRentals.com which is listed on all the top search engines and major travel web sites so that it will generate rental income from the potential of millions of people that are looking for a place to vacation at every day of the year.  

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    Kaibo Sunset Condo B17
    (Click on above link to see additional information, pictures and video's)
    If you are interested in discussing the purchase of Kaibo Sunset B17
    please call 412-828-2111 to make an appointment to see the Island House.

    Note to Potential Renter:
    We will not sell to anyone who will not agree to honor our commitments on all pre-booked reservations!

    All pre-booked reservations revenue will be credit to buyer at time of closing.

     With this requirement, it will have no effect on you renting the Island House now or in the future.

    Cayman Kai Vacation Rentals

    Specializing in offering
    Villa's & Condominiums
    Vacation Rentals in the Cayman Kai/Rum Point
    and North Side area, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
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    Caribbean Vacation Grand Cayman Villa's and Condominiums Rentals, Cayman Kai, Rum Point, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands